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Welcome to Blue Bramble Dreads

Gorgeous, professional, product-free dreadlocks

Whether you're looking to have new dreads, or tidy up your dreadlocks, maybe you

would like them to be longer, or perhaps you have weak spots in your dreads or loops that

need fixing, we have a proven history in creating, treating and repairing every type of dreadlock.

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Common reasons for inquiry

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Our dreadlocks

We make dreads from scratch with no wax, no products of any kind, just a comb and a crochet needle. Your dreads will look fantastic and tight from day one, no fuzzy sideshow bobs you get with just backcombing! And no horrid sticky mess that you get with hideous products such as wax!


We can make extensions using 100% human hair to look seamless with your natural hair giving you the length you've always wanted.

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