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Why do I do this?

Dreadlocks have always appealed to me. I love their look and feel, the versatility of them. My dreads have always made me feel confident, have given me power and strength, and have taught me the value of perseverance, patience, and acceptance. Over the years I've learnt the right ways and the wrong ways to look after them. Hey, when I first had dreads, they were made with Wax; gross I know, but we have to learn somehow. I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge and skill, allowing me to give the best possible start to all my customers dread journey. And for those who already have dreads, I can confidently resolve issues like matted dreads, wrong sectioning, weak spots and splitting dreads. Simply put, making people feel happy about how their dreads look and feel makes me happy and I hope to carry on doing this for many years to come.



History of Blue Bramble Dreads.


Before we started making dreadlocks professionally, Abbi and I had looked after each other’s homemade dreadlings since 2005. During a life changing trip around Asia in 2008, we studied traditional Indian and Thai dread making techniques; their speed and skill was incredible, and I felt inspired to become as good as them.


During our stay in Nepal we met two lovely French guys, Matthieu and Jules, who ran up to us one day and said, "Guys we looooooove your dreadlocks, can you make them for us?" We spent a wonderful day with Mattieu and Jules, hanging out in Yeti Guest house in Pokhara, making their dreads and enjoying making new friends. Little did we know at the time that this was the birth of Blue Bramble Dreads.

During the rest of our travels around Asia, I perfected my dread extension work by practicing on Abbi. Because I felt I needed to conform when we returned to the UK to get a job, I cut off my dreadlings towards the end of our travels. Sad Times.


Upon returning to normal life and work, Abbi’s beautiful dreads started getting more and more attention, with people asking if we could install and maintain their dreads for them. And so, in 2010, Blue Bramble Dreads started accepting customers. We worked on people’s hair during our spare evenings and weekends and over the years my passion for making and caring for dreads prompted the question, “Could Blue Bramble Dreads be a full time thing?”


In 2014, after taking a break from working two jobs full time, I went part time as a dread artist and ran Blue Bramble Dreads on Fridays and Saturdays until October 2014. The waiting list built and built, and in October I could afford to make the decision to go full time. I was ready to get out of the rat race and become my own boss.


Interest for Blue Bramble Dreads started coming in from all around the world. I remember getting a message on our facebook page in the early days asking if we had a studio in Hong Kong! Our Instagram was going crazy and I was getting a lot of interest from people in America who wanted me to work my magic. I had never expected that this adventure could become an international one, but it did. I set my sights on taking a trip to the USA, started to book in customers and talked with other dreadlock artists over there. Soon enough I had organised a two month trip, covering over 12,000 kilometres, meeting with 10 customers and working with another dread artist. I headed to America in January 2015 and the trip was a massive success. It proved that I can take my skill anywhere and that I could rock having dreads again; even better, that I could put them in myself! I may have picked up a few more during the trip thanks to Erika ;)




























Now going forward to 2015 and beyond....


Looking to what 2015 and the future has in store for Blue Bramble Dreads, the new website and logo will have just been launched and I have festivals lined up in both the UK and Europe, working alongside DreadsUK and other Dread Artists. I’ll be getting a visit from an amazing Dread Artist I met and worked with in Philidephia, MakeMeDreadful, and have customers flying in from all over the world. Lots and lots of exciting things on the horizon! And it’s all because of my wonderful customers, those who already have been and those who want to be Blue Brambled.

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